Established since 1978, We are the Last Mile Fulfillment value-added Distribution and Logistics Provider to Brand owners of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). We strive to provide reliable Logistical support and Connectivity to Retail businesses throughout the region with quality Goods and Services .

International brand-owners such as Nestle, GSK, SC Johnson, Heineken, Guinness and Pocari Sweat have trusted us with their products in not only one location, but many locations in the region.

Our 100-strong fleet together with a dedicated workforce servicing more than 20,000 outlets, make us a reliable and trusted partner to brand-owners who want to extend their reach to  the various channels of Retailers.

Our multiple Distribution points allow us to service Retailers from the large Modern Trade Accounts to the smaller mom-and-pop stores and cafes. Our mode of fulfillment range from large commercial trucks to the smallest unit of motorcycles, with the single aim of delivering products to end Retailers in the fastest possible manner.

We take pride in our modern warehouse management facilities such as Racking and forklift, even in the more rural areas. These facilities have allowed us to maintain high Service Level to our customers, especially the Modern Trades.

Our experience in handling Distribution and Logistics provide us with the platform to continue growing, adding Distribution points and serving clients' needs. As we continue to expand our services, we are confident Brand-owners who entrust their products with us, and Retailers that rely on us for Goods and Services, will together enjoy strong business growth and a long-term partnership.